CBD Oils For Dogs Anxiety

Curing My Dogs Anxiety With Hemp Oils

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Last year during the 4th of July the fireworks were an absolute nightmare for my dog. She was going ballistic in the house, barking, hiding, and even peeing on the floor as she tried to understand what all that noise was about. The problem we have is that we are not far from a very large college, college housing, and an extremely festive environment. People were lighting off fireworks that could not have been legal in our city. The sounds were enormous and I don’t blame her a bit for feeling scared and confused.

Fast forward to July 4th 2018 and it was a very different story. Although we still live in the same area and still experienced the same amount of obnoxious explosions going off all night long, her reactions were much different this year thanks to a mixture of Hemp Oils for dogs we were able to give her hours before the fireworks started going off.

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We mixed the oils into her food and fed her dinner a few hours early. I also made her bed near the TV, put on a movie and turned the volume up to help drown out the outside noise. I laid on the floor with her and rubbed my fingers through her ears comforting her as much as I could to avoid another incident like we experienced last year. It’s amazing how a gentle touch can calm your dog. This all seemed to work well together, however the hemp oil seemed to really be the difference maker. Last year I did everything listed above and still couldn’t keep her anxiety down. This year I provided the same level of comfort and included the hemp oil in her food.

The hemp oil was cheap enough to justify trying it out. I have enough on hand to get her through any other traumatic experience she may encounter. Keeping her anxiety levels down not only protects her put protects my home and furniture. The panic that sets in when her anxiety levels spike creates a situation that literally has her running into things and knocking over pictures and lamps in the living room. Considering she is still just a puppy, I will need to continue to monitor this as she grows. It’s possible that she grows out of it, but if not I ma prepared to feed her hemp oil for any occasion to help relax her and keep panic from setting in.